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    BSN Iso Syntha 6 5Lbs Chocolate

    BSN Iso Syntha 6 5Lbs Chocolate

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    Product details of BSN Syntha-6 Isolate Chocolate (4 LBS)

    Syntha-6™ Isolate Highlights

    BSN® brought its signature sense of innovation to the development of Syntha-6™ Isolate. Featuring a protein formula comprised entirely of isolate sources that delivers a moderately-paced release of amino acids, Syntha-6™ Isolate is designed to support:*

    • Muscle Growth*
    • Protein Synthesis*
    • Recovery*
    • Nutrition*
    • Weight Management*


    The Next Evolution in Protein Isolates

    Syntha-6™ Isolate is BSN®’s latest ultra-premium protein powder, made with 100% isolate protein sources. A 50/50 blend of whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate (a high-quality source of slow-digesting casein), the formula's unique ISOLAST™ protein matrix delivers a mix of fast- and slow-release proteins that promotes a moderately-paced release of amino acids to fuel active muscles. Drinking Syntha-6™ Isolate provides the fast-releasing benefits of whey isolate and the prolonged amino acid release of casein for the ultimate post-workout recovery shake. And because it’s BSN®, the rich and satisfying taste is unmatched by any other protein supplement, despite having less than half the fat and carbs of original Syntha-6™.*

    With its relatively low calorie count and multi-functional blend of fast- and slow-release protein sources, Syntha-6™ Isolate is also perfect to use between meals or right before bed. If you’re looking for a premium isolate protein supplement with an innovative, adaptable profile and unrivaled taste, look no further than Syntha-6™ Isolate from BSN®.

    Syntha-6™ Isolate Ingredient Highlights

    ISOLAST™ Isolate Protein Matrix Consists of:

    • Fast & Slow Release Protein for a Moderate Release of Amino Acids*
    • Whey Protein Isolate
    • Milk Protein Isolate (~80% Casein & ~20% Whey)


    Syntha-6™ Isolate Also Provides:

    • Naturally Occurring BCAAs and Other Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids
    • EFAs & Fiber Blend (Inulin & Polydextrose)
    • The Same Great Syntha-6™ Milkshake Taste and Texture


    Stacking With Syntha-6™ Isolate

    Syntha-6™ Isolate can be stacked with Nitrix® 2.0, N.O.-Xplode™ 2.0, and Cellmass® 2.0 for maximum physique and performance impact.*

    Specifications of Syntha-6 Chocolate Milk Shake (4 LBS)

    What's in the box:

    • 1x Syntha-6 Isolate Chocolate Milk Shake (4 LBS


    General Features:




    Syntha-6 Isolate Chocolate Milk Shake (4 LBS)

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